Perfect visualisation of brand management and product

The Skintsugi brand from Viocox, an innovative and exclusive premium range of skin care products, was developed to satisfy the most demanding requirements. The idea behind the brand is kingsugi, a Japanese restoration technique for repairing porcelain and ceramics that uses silver and gold resins and is over 500 years old. It is based on the belief that when something damaged has been restored it becomes infinitely more beautiful and resilient. The idea is reflected in the philosophy of the Skintsugi brand. The tubes for the Jelly Soap purifying cleanser come from Spanish producer Petroplast. The tube’s special design makes the product’s promise and appeal visible and transparent in the true sense of the word. The main achievements in producing this tube were covering the upper part of the tube, which allows the product to be seen in the lower part, and sealing the top without damaging the ink on the label. Making the gel’s green-coloured texture visible is essential for transmitting the product’s soap-like appearance. The technique involved uses a 360 ° all-round opaque sticker and combines hot stamping and direct printing of the label.