Tube design for an exclusive brand

Italian tubemaker Tubopress developed the plastic tubes for the Face Care line from Channoine, an exclusive brand for the luxury market that provides top quality face and body care products for very demanding clients. The tubes must meet the highest technical demands as well as highly sophisticated decoration that conveys to the consumer the perception of an extremely valuable product. The tubes are printed with a 360 ° special colour glossy gold foil and have a design reminiscent of the printed circuit on a PC motherboard. Small green squares resembling electronic chips are silk-screen printed in register where the hot foil strips cross. The effect is very sophisticated: It is elegant and eye-catching at the same time. The screw closure is a customised cap with a highly sophisticated crown shape that is metallised in a glossy gold. A peelable gold-foil seal covers the mouth of the tube for the first-opening guarantee. The white tube has a 5-layer PE co-extruded body to provide maximum protection to the formulation and the PE resin used is a low carbon footprint green PE made from vegetal resources.