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May 2020

European Tube Production:

Modest Growth in 2019

In 2019, the European tube industry managed to expand its overall production again despite a difficult economic environment and considerable uncertainty in the markets. The member companies of the european tube manufacturers association (etma) increased their production by 1 per cent to almost 11.5 billion tubes.

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Sustainable tubes fully in vogue

Sustainable packaging solutions are becoming more and more important. Consumers are increasingly paying attention to packaging’s environmental compatibility. Eco-friendly packaging has a significant influence on the image of companies and brands, and ultimately on purchasing decisions as well. As a packaging material, the tube is well placed in this context. Its inherent light weight, maximum product protection and the benefits it offers during transport and storage have been a guarantee for its good eco-balance for many years. Constantly improved recycling concepts, increasing use of recyclable materials and resource-saving technologies have also had a positive impact. In close cooperation with its clients and with the support of its suppliers, the European tube industry is continually developing new and improved concepts and ideas that take the tube to an even higher level when it comes to sustainability. You will find some interesting examples in this newsletter.

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Innovative design using the latest technology

Besides the classic benefits of the tube as a packaging material, with its excellent product protection, its high standards of hygiene and safety, its light weight and easy and convenient application, tubes are forever impressing and surprising us with unusual, innovative and high-quality designs. State-of-the-art printing and finishing techniques as well as new closure and dispensing systems, have opened up a wide range of new opportunities for marketing and advertising, and for product developers and designers. The following examples give a brief insight into some extraordinary ideas and techniques.

Ifeu Packaging Study

Flexible Packaging is an Effective Route to Resource Efficiency

A recently updated and extended study by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu), commissioned by Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE), has underlined the original study’s findings. It shows clearly that flexible packaging is a more effective route to resource efficiency and reducing carbon footprint than using rigid packaging formats or focusing entirely on recycling.