Fruit spread in an aluminium tube

It was a broken jam jar at breakfast that gave the three founders of Marmetube GmbH their idea: Delicious fruit spreads with 66 per cent fruit content in a practical and unbreakable aluminium tube. The innovative and ambitious start-up company is striving to achieve responsible and sustainable use of resources, so the ‘blue tube’ developed by TUBEX Aluminium Tubes was the ideal choice as packaging for the young company’s fruit spreads. The first generation of the ‘blue tube’ is made completely from post-industrial-recycled (PIR) aluminium without compromising in any way the excellent benefits of an aluminium tube. The significant reduction in energy consumption when PIR aluminium is used improves the CO2 footprint and eco-balance of the tube considerably by reducing CO2 emissions by up to 40 per cent. Following the successful introduction of the ‘blue tube’ range, Tubex has already launched a second version: the ‘blue tube evo’. This tube is made from 95 per cent post-consumer recycled (PCR) aluminium and closes the material loop by using end-user waste.