Changing brand communication

The Leangroup from Belarus is offering an opportunity for successful innovation using a new digital press for laminate tubes. It enables clients to be more creative and implement more ideas when promoting their products. The press is being marketed and sold online, which means it is going even more digital. The use of a different sales channel should make it more attractive, communicative, fancy and eye-catching, especially to young people. It allows many new designs and colourful ideas to be implemented and favourite products can be given a new life and become interactive. For one of its clients, Leangroup developed funny and lively designs for a hand cream to make it more attractive. It means women and young girls can continue buying their favourite hand cream and this strengthens brand bonding and brand communication. It also allows different designs to be used for a product line with statements on each tube like ‘Wise but young’, ‘Strong and independent’, ‘Coffee-holic’ and ‘And what will you do?’. It led to increased sales and more Instagram photos and likes.